Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Working Week by Week


I am super jealous of you guys right now!!!  Here we can't see stars.  I miss star filled skies...pine scented air...and most of all....cold weather!  But hey...enjoy yourselves.  So... you guys are all on Fall break.  Can you believe that we are in the middle of October?  Time is just flying by!!!

This last week I hit my nine month mark!!!  Three more for a full year.  Really it feels like it has all passed by super fast, and the end of the year is right around the corner.  I want time to slow down a little bit. I can't get everything done that I want to.  We are so busy.  It is so fun, but super exhausting at the same time.  We get to meet a bunch of people every day.  Some of them aren't the nicest, but afterwards we just laugh it off:)  The people here in Frontera are a lot nicer than the people in my other areas.  Though all of them don't accept us, they all offer us water, or food. It is awesome!  On Thursday while we were in Villahermosa walking to the bus station, a man came running up to us, gave us each a bottle of soda, and walked away.  We stopped him and started talking to him.  He told us that he always sees missionaries walking.  He said he has no idea why we walk so much in the sun, but he wanted to share something with us to cool us off.  We wrote down his information and are going to pass it as a referral:)

The next time that you go into Serranos, tell everyone that I say hi from Villahermosa:)

Physically...I am exhausted.  Always tired, but that just comes with the work.  Elder Reyes and I have come up with different things to keep our energy up.  We play games as we are walking...talk to everyone that we see....memorize scriptures.  Anything we can do to keep our minds from thinking about the tiredness.

Emotionally I am really good.  There are ups and downs...but that’s life.  Every day is really a blessing here.  I love it.

So...this week was a little slow compared to the past couple of weeks.  We didn't have a lot of new investigators...but we baptized.  Mariana had her baptism this past Saturday, and Sunday she was confirmed.  She brought a ton of friends and her family to her baptism.  We are going to start teaching some of them this week:)  She has a son named Allen.  He is four years old, and he is my best friend!!!!  He is awesome.  Mariana seems so happy, and she is seeing a change in her life since we started teaching her.  I love baptisms. 

The really old guy that we found last week is named Ernesto.  He is so awesome.  He accepts everything that we are teaching him, and he came to church.  We are planning to baptize him this Saturday.  We will see how that goes, but he is really cool.

We are still working with the family of Javier.  We hit a road block with them.  They believe that Saturday is the Sabbath day.  We have been teaching and reading with them, but they still haven't quite accepted it yet.  They still feed us all the time, and are super interested in everything else that we are teaching them.  They just need some more time.

We had zone class last Thursday.  It was really awesome.  We talked a lot about the same message from the interviews.  Working week by week.  It is a really cool system... and it is really working for us right now.  We are setting baptism goals with investigators for every weekend. My goal is to baptize every week for the rest of the year.  So far...one week down, another one coming.  We are focusing more on the little details, and the big picture is coming together.

On Saturday we moved.  We now have air conditioning!!!!!!!!!!  It is so amazing waking up in the morning freezing and not sweating!  It is awesome.  Elder Reyes and I found this house on Tuesday, took pictures, sent them to President, he approved it, and we moved in on Saturday. This house is so amazing.  We are still unpacking, but I'll send you pictures next week when everything is put together.

We have a lot of plans for this week to meet contacts, and to visit a ton of referrals.  All in all we are keeping up the hard work, and are praying for the blessings that we need.

I Love you all so much and hope that you guys have an amazing week.


Elder Cavenee

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