Friday, February 19, 2016


Hey Guys,

I know that we are all struggling right now....but I know that everything is going to be okay. I want each and one of you to know how much I love you. You guys are the most important people of my life. Close your eyes and pretend that I am giving each and every one of you a big hug. I LOVE you guys.

I know God gives us trials only to help us become stronger. And through those trials, we do become stronger. I know our family has continually been strengthened by all of the things that we have passed through together. After all this is over, we will be even stronger.

Saturday for me was by far, the hardest day of my entire life. As I'm sure it was for you guys as well (or Friday). I think I went into shock...the rest of the day I felt like I was going to wake up from a really bad dream, and that everything was going to be fine and normal. But it didn't, and I've had to face the reality. To make things worse, our baptism fell through. I didn't understand why.

On Tuesday, we went with a member to visit a inactive family. We had a really nice lesson with them teaching them about the Sabbath day, and the blessings that come from participating in the Sacrament every week. It was a very good lesson, and this family of 16 committed to come to church on Sunday. As we were leaving, they all got excited because one of their brothers had just turned nine, and he wasn't baptized yet. They asked us if we could baptize him on we planned everything out and visited them every day to teach him, and make sure that everything was okay. When I talked to you all on Saturday, I was banking on that baptism to lighten me up and give me a boost. I felt like is was a tender mercy set up beforehand by the Lord to help me out that day. On Saturday, when we went to pick up this family, the aunt (she is the one that takes care of the boy) told us no. The entire week she was super excited about his baptism, but that day she would not let him. She wouldn't tell us why....she just said No. I was very confused....and a little angry. I felt like at this point God was just up there making fun of me, while watching me suffer. We went home, and I got on my knees and prayed for almost 2 hours. During that time, I was just filled with peace and love. I was really comforted. After that, my companion and I headed out to work.

On Sunday morning, I woke up and started to remember everything again. I felt alone, and sad, and didn't feel like doing anything. We left the house at 7:00 to go and look for investigators and bring them to church. Once again, trials. Not a single investigator was home or awake, or came to church with us. Once again I was filled with thoughts and feelings of ''Why am I here?'' ''No one want to listen to us.'' But....while I was sitting in Sacrament, I was praying very hard. Thinking about our Savior Jesus Christ. He has felt it all....He knows what is going on in each one of our lives, and He is here. With each and every one of us. I feel Him and His Love. I know He is here to give us the strength that we need. I Love Him.

Now I am doing well. My companion and I have a lot of plans to keep me busy and focused. I feel like I have recieved an extra amount of strength. I will be okay. I am praying for each and every one of you.

Teaching a Lesson
Jackson.....I Love you. You are the best little brother anyone could ever have. Your light and radiance is something special that you have, to help other people. So many people have been touched by you. So many people love you and need you. I need you. You are my example. Whenever I get sad here, I always think of you... and your light. I am praying for you so hard right now. You are going to make it through and when you come back, we will all be there for you. I Love you. I love how you sing. I love how hard it was to wake you up in the morning. I love how you were always there to cheer me up. I love how you are always positive. I love how different you are. I love how you love and care for everyone. I love how you don't judge and you see the best in everyone. I love how pure you are. I love your smile. I love your desire for adventure. I LOVE YOU JACKSON. You are my hero. So many people love you and you have touched the life of so many. Your mission is not done come back, please. Whatever fight you have left in you...keep pushing. Our Heavenly Father loves you and so does Jesus Christ. Know that and feel it.

For all of you out there that may at times feel alone....remember that you aren't. God and our Savior Jesus Christ are always here with us, to help us. He loves you. He knows you, and he is there to help you. I Love you:) God gives us trials, but if we have faith in Him, and we push through...the blessings that come are unimaginable.

On Tuesday we had interviews with President Morales. It was nice to talk with him for a little bit. At the end he told me something very nice and it made me feel really good. As I was walking out he stop
ped me and said ''Elder Cavenee...I Love you. I know I am not your father, but to me you feel like my son. You look like me (except for the handsome part) and I love you alot. You are going to do a lot of great things. Keep working hard.'' It was really nice to hear him say that. Then again after talking to you guys on Saturday, I talked to him and he told me ''Hang in there my son. Everything will be alright.'' I am recieving a lot of help right now.

We can make it through this. Keep praying and don't give up hope.
Working with members is awesome because they drive you everywhere!

I Love you all so much.

Elder Cavenee


Teaching a lesson
Working with members is awesome because they drive you everywhere

13 Months!!!

Hey Family,

So.....yesterday I hit 13 months!!! Man, time is just flying by. It is crazy to think that a year ago, I was getting ready to head out of the MTC to come here. A lot has happened since then:)

It is great to hear that you are all keeping so busy. It's a good way to stay out of trouble. Just fill all of your time doing good things. Mom....teaching the gospel is the besst thing in the world. Weather it is to youth, or to people that you don't even know. It brings peace to the soul and really strengthens your testimony.

I love music. Every morning I wake up to beautiful music that just helps me prepare for the day. And every night when we get home, we put it on again. It really helps me relax after a hard, and stressful day. I like to listen to it as I am going to bed. It helps me have a clear mind and to sleep well.

This week was awesome, but very stressful at the same time. I felt like a homeless missionary this week. I got to travel a lot. On Tuesday afternoon, my companion and I traveled to Coatza. We worked the afternoon with the Zone Leaders of Puerto, and then stayed the night with them. On Wednesday we got up at 3:30 to take a 4:30 bus to Villahermosa for Mission Leadership Council. We got to go to the Temple!!!! I LOVE the Temple. I was able to get some answers that I was looking for. Personal, and for our zone. We didn't get to spend a whole lot of time in the temple, but in that short time I recei
ved a lot of revelation. We then headed back to the mission offices, and had our council.

We talked a lot about the Atonement of Jesus Christ. As missionaries we have improved a lot in teaching repentance and the Atonement to our investigators, but what we talked about is if we are really applying it in our lives. President said ''Right now, we are acting like missionaries just waiting out the rest of our time. What we lack as a mission is repentance''. We talking about how real repentance requires feeling. Are we really feeling for the things that we are lacking every day? Not only focusing on the things that we are doing wrong, but the things that we are only doing half effort. That put me to thinking. A lot of times when I don't meet my daily goals, I think..''Oh well....I'll get it tomorrow''. Instead of really feeling bad that I didn't complete with what the Lord asked of me for the day. I have been applying that, and the atonement has taken a new meaning in my life. It is amazing what you can feel, repenting from something simple like not doing all of my contacts. It really creates a desire to do even better and not fail in the very small things.

During the meeting, Sister Morales asked me to give a special musical number at towards the end. I played my arrangement of ''Sweet hour of Prayer'' on the piano. It was really cool.

I got to see Elder Lopez during the meeting (he is a zone leader now). He is the one I had problems with in Frontera. He came up to me afterwards, and asked forgiveness for the problems that we had together. I also asked for forgiveness from him, and we gave each other a big hug. Really, I've missed him, and I feel like he is going to be a lifelong friend. He is really a great guy.

After council, I stayed in Villa with Elder Thaller (from my generation). We worked with the Assistants. I went out to work with Elder Johnson. He is a really cool guy. He is from Idaho, and only has two transfers more than me. We had a really great time.

"Mexican Parking"
We were out looking for a family that he had an appointment with. That fell through, and so we were just walking around looking for people to teach. We reached a street corner and paused for a minute, when I felt to ask him about some people that we talked with the last time I was with him. It turns out that we were right around the corner from them. We went, and visiting there was another family of four that accepted baptism. It was really cool. Another witness that the Spirit is always watching out for us, and if we listen, will guide us to where we need to be, when we need to be there.

I stayed the night with Elder Thaller in Villa. In the morning, we went to immigration to renew our visas. We have been living illegally for the past month because our visas expired at the beginning of January. We went downtown in a Combie and had to sign a couple papers, and they took our fingerprints. We finished at about noon, and raced to the bus station to try to get back to our areas by nighttime. We were on that bus for six hours! On the bus, Elder Engamann (Elder in my Zone) called me and told me that his investigator that was supposed to get baptized on Saturday didn't want to anymore. So...we got to Coatza, and I jumped on another bus to Las Chuapas. Was on that bus for another hour and a half. It was a long bus day. Almost eight hours traveling on a bus.

On the Bus
When I got to Las Chuapas I went with Elder Engamann to visit his investigator. We had a really cool lesson using the book of Mormon. He felt the Spirit, and then we prayed with him. He asked if he needed to get baptized and he got an answer YES. I did his interview and he got baptized on Saturday. It was awesome. I spent the rest of the night with Elder Engamann, and stayed at his house.

On Friday morning we traveled back to Agua Dulce early to be on time to zone class. I taught zone class and it was really fun. We did several activities to help us in our teaching situations, and we practiced using the Book of Mormon to help our investigators have a converting experience.

Saturday, we found a family with eight kids within the ages of 8 and 14. It is a huge family. Tons of cousins that live together. We had an awesome lesson with them. We will see how they progress.

We are really struggling in our area right now. It is a little frustrating because the other area in Agua Dulce is baptizing every week right now. We are struggling just to find people that will listen to us, and they have people showing up at church asking to be baptized. It is very hard because my companion and I are doing everything we can, and are being obedient, and we aren't having success. While the other Elders aren't being very obedient, and are baptizing like crazy. Last night, I was watching the teaching videos and one came on about patience that I really needed. It talked about how it is very easy to see the fun that others are having, and to give up on the good that you are doing in order to participate with them. But, it is very important to hold strong, because the true happiness comes after the trials. After we have proved that we really want it.

Right now the temptation to slack off has been big, because those that are slacking are baptizing. But after the test, if we hold true, comes the real blessings. My companion and I are really praying for those blessings right now. So....all of you out there that are going through a hard time right now, HOLD ON. Stay true, and have faith in Jesus Christ. Things will get better, and if you hold true, there are a ton of blessings waiting for you. Ether 12:27

Anyways, this week has been super awesome. Lots of revelation and help from my Heavenly Father.

I Love you all and wish you all another awesome week.


Elder Cavenee

P.S. I would love to get letters from anyone and everyone for my birthday:) Just to hear how you all are:)

Immigration trip in Combie
Mexican Parking:)

Thursday, February 4, 2016

It's February!!!!!

Hello Family and Friends,

It's February!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy best month of the year to all of you:) (Note from Mary: his bday is Feb. it is the best month!) I can't believe that it is already February. Time is passing really fast:)

How is everyone doing? It's always so great to here how your all doing. Mom and Dad, that is so cool that you got put in charge of Trek.(Note from Mary:  not in charge..but co-chairs.)  I remember doing trek with all of our family. It was super fun. Sounds like you are all keeping busy:)

I want to go to BYU!! It looks like Jessica is having a blast up there:)

I am doing really well....just tired. We are working very hard. This week we have spent several days in other areas of the zone, helping them out. So....when we were in our area, we worked super hard. Every night we take turns calling our Elders so that the other can go to bed early. It is the best though. We are struggling as a zone right now. We only have one companionship that is baptizing right now. It is a little stressful because all the blame lands on my companion and I. So, we are working really close with all of the Elders to watch obedience and to see how they are all working. We are planning to do divisions more, and help everyone out. Hopefully we see some improvment in the next couple weeks. 

Elder Stoddard and I are working really hard right now to get some baptisms, but it has been very difficult. We have a lot of investigators, but they don't want to get baptized. We are working on leaving behind investigators and looking for new ones, but that has been challenging as well. The other day we were out trying to contact people, and no-one wanted to listen to us. It was hot, so we contacted a house thinking that we could just ask for a cup of water, and then contact them. When I asked if they could give us some water, they told us to go down the street to buy some. It was really sad.

Things are getting better though. We have found several other investigators that maybe we can get progressing in the next week. And we are praying to find new people that are prepared to listen to us. I think that it is just a trial of faith and patience.

There is a young man in our ward that is leaving on his mission tomorrow. He is super excited. He is going to Mexico South mission. On Sunday he gave his farewell talk about tithing. The Spirit was so strong. Everyone in the ward was crying as he was sharing his testimony of the blessings of paying tithing. He shared how because his mom always payed tithing faithfully (his dad is inactive) they were able to get everthing that he needed for the mission even though they didn't have the money for it. It was such a great sacrament meeting. The Bishop's counselor spoke about temple covenants and the blessings in our lives. He also was crying as has shared his testimony. It was just a great day.

Anyways...everything is going pretty well here. The members are awesome. We are eating so much food everyday. I think I am starting to gain weight. We seriously eat like six meals a day. We show up to teach investigators, and they have food for us....members invite us almost every night to eat dinner. It is awesome...and I eat two plates at every meal. Have you guys ever tried mole? I am going to learn how to make it, and make it for you all when I get home. It is super delicious. (Note from Mary:  Mole is a chocolate sauce that is savory instead of sweet that they put on chicken, etc..)

Today I got a hair'll have to wait until next week to see pictures of it. It looks pretty good.

On Wednesday we are going to the Temple before Leadership Council. I'm excited to get to go again:) I have some questions that need answers and I hope that I can get answers for them in the Temple.

I Love you all and hope that you all have an amazing week!!!!


Elder Cavenee