Thursday, February 4, 2016

It's February!!!!!

Hello Family and Friends,

It's February!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy best month of the year to all of you:) (Note from Mary: his bday is Feb. it is the best month!) I can't believe that it is already February. Time is passing really fast:)

How is everyone doing? It's always so great to here how your all doing. Mom and Dad, that is so cool that you got put in charge of Trek.(Note from Mary:  not in charge..but co-chairs.)  I remember doing trek with all of our family. It was super fun. Sounds like you are all keeping busy:)

I want to go to BYU!! It looks like Jessica is having a blast up there:)

I am doing really well....just tired. We are working very hard. This week we have spent several days in other areas of the zone, helping them out. So....when we were in our area, we worked super hard. Every night we take turns calling our Elders so that the other can go to bed early. It is the best though. We are struggling as a zone right now. We only have one companionship that is baptizing right now. It is a little stressful because all the blame lands on my companion and I. So, we are working really close with all of the Elders to watch obedience and to see how they are all working. We are planning to do divisions more, and help everyone out. Hopefully we see some improvment in the next couple weeks. 

Elder Stoddard and I are working really hard right now to get some baptisms, but it has been very difficult. We have a lot of investigators, but they don't want to get baptized. We are working on leaving behind investigators and looking for new ones, but that has been challenging as well. The other day we were out trying to contact people, and no-one wanted to listen to us. It was hot, so we contacted a house thinking that we could just ask for a cup of water, and then contact them. When I asked if they could give us some water, they told us to go down the street to buy some. It was really sad.

Things are getting better though. We have found several other investigators that maybe we can get progressing in the next week. And we are praying to find new people that are prepared to listen to us. I think that it is just a trial of faith and patience.

There is a young man in our ward that is leaving on his mission tomorrow. He is super excited. He is going to Mexico South mission. On Sunday he gave his farewell talk about tithing. The Spirit was so strong. Everyone in the ward was crying as he was sharing his testimony of the blessings of paying tithing. He shared how because his mom always payed tithing faithfully (his dad is inactive) they were able to get everthing that he needed for the mission even though they didn't have the money for it. It was such a great sacrament meeting. The Bishop's counselor spoke about temple covenants and the blessings in our lives. He also was crying as has shared his testimony. It was just a great day.

Anyways...everything is going pretty well here. The members are awesome. We are eating so much food everyday. I think I am starting to gain weight. We seriously eat like six meals a day. We show up to teach investigators, and they have food for us....members invite us almost every night to eat dinner. It is awesome...and I eat two plates at every meal. Have you guys ever tried mole? I am going to learn how to make it, and make it for you all when I get home. It is super delicious. (Note from Mary:  Mole is a chocolate sauce that is savory instead of sweet that they put on chicken, etc..)

Today I got a hair'll have to wait until next week to see pictures of it. It looks pretty good.

On Wednesday we are going to the Temple before Leadership Council. I'm excited to get to go again:) I have some questions that need answers and I hope that I can get answers for them in the Temple.

I Love you all and hope that you all have an amazing week!!!!


Elder Cavenee

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