Thursday, May 12, 2016

Another Week!

Hello Family (Note from Mary:  this is from Monday, April 18th)
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I am alive and very well. And yes.....we are keeping very busy. There isn't enough time to get everything done!!! As for my baptisms...I don't have a running count. The number is not that important.

It's good to hear that you guys are keeping so busy. Being focused on good things. Jenna, good luck at prom!!!! Are you going with Sam? Send me a lot of pictures!!!

I want teriyaki chicken!!! The other day my companion and I ate Chinese food  But it is not that great here in Mexico.

Anyways...this week was very exciting. On Tuesday we had our district class, and then we went out for pizza after because on Tuesday they are 2x1. We went all 8 of us and bought four pizzas for the price of two. It was a lot of fun. We then spent the entire day looking for people to teach. It was a very hard and long day. Last week in weekly planning we decided to leave a lot of investigators behind, soooo, it's time to do some serious finding. Really, I think that the hardest part of missionary work is finding. We spent all of Tuesday contacting and talking to people. It was very hot...and we were sweating, but we kept up our excitement and made it through the day. We did more than 40 contacts...and now have a the next week full of appointments. That night I barely had energy to shower before crawling into bed.

Wednesday were interviews with President. He and his wife came. They gave us a lesson about money management. It really reminded me of our family financial meetings. They talked about how we should be spending our money, and told us how it applies in our future lives. They also talked about the rent money...because some elders in the mission have not been paying rent, and using that money. They told us that some Elders are using money to buy phones and psp and stuff that they shouldn't have. We talked a lot about obedience to the mission rules, and Sister Morales had us make paper chains with the things that we are going to do better in the mission. I guess that there is a lot of disobedience going on in the mission right now. My companion and I were last in line to be interviewed because we are the zone leaders, and president ran out of time so we didn't get interviewed. But we have interviews this Thursday with the other part of the zone.

After the interviews we went to a shoe store where one of our investigators works. We went in to see how she was doing and to set an appoinment with her for later in the week. When she saw us, she told us ''Elders, I have good news'' se we asked what it was. She told us ''I am going to get baptized next Friday between 4:00 and 5:00, do I need an interview or something before?'' We were shocked. It was so out of the blue, and after a moment of silence we regained our senses and planned everything out with her. She has her interview tomorrow and her baptism on Friday. We are so excited for her.

Thursday Elder Dimas got sick, so I stayed in the house all day taking care of him. My companion went out with him to work and go to our appoinments. He was throwing up all day long. I took him to the doctor (our bishop) and then to buy medicine. He was not very good. In the evening I went out with Elder Gardner to teach a few lessons in his area. We taught a really awesome investigator. It was a college student that is studying nursing. During the lesson she asked so many awesome questions, and was so happy when we explained everything. She came to church this week and they are going to baptize her next week. We also found a really awesome family of 6.

Friday and Saturday it was more finding, and a couple lessons. Saturday afternoon we found some really awesome families that we have appointments with this week. We met with one of these families on Sunday after church, and they are amazing. It is a family of four, and they accepted everything we taught them. We have another appointment with them tomorrow, and we are going to put a baptismal date with them.

Sunday night, we had a nacho party in the house. One of the converts of Elder Gardner works in the movie theater, and she gave us a ton of tortilla chips that they were just going to throw out. A huge box. We bought cheese on Saturday, and Sunday night we had a nacho party.

It was a great week...very tiring...especially with the sun, but it was great.

I love you all and wish you an amazing week.


Elder Cavenee

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