Tuesday, June 7, 2016

New Companion/ Baptism/ Sabastian

Dear Family, (Note from Mary:  This is from Monday, May 30th)

I am glad you are all enjoying the beginning of your vacations!!!! I had no idea that today was Memorial Day. (You kind of forget about those holidays here). I want to go swimming so bad!!! But I'll just have to wait for next summer.

It is still super hot here. Sweating a ton, and drinking liters and liters of water everyday. It was supposed to rain, but it didn't:( I think thats a blessing...because when it stops raining, if it hasn't rained hard for several days, it's even worse because it becomes super humid. It's only going to get hotter though.

This week was awesome. First off, I have a new companion. I think I told you about him last week. Elder Mendez is awesome and we get along really well. He is a great guy and a great misisonary. We had a ton of success in just our first week together, so we are really excited for the rest of the transfer. We are going to have a lot of success. We hope to baptize every week!!!

First off, Maria del Rosario got baptized on Saturday and Confirmed on Sunday!!! It was awesome! She cried after coming out of the font. She was baptized by her brother-in-law. The ward helped us put together a wonderful baptismal program. Our relief society president spoke, and you could really feel the love that she had for Maria. Everyone in the ward knows Maria because missionaries have been trying to get her baptized for years, so everyone showed up for the service. It was awesome.

Elder Mendez's birthday was on Tuesday. I called some members on Monday night, and the young men and young women put together a surprise party for him. It was great. We also bought him a cake in district class. He loved it. He told me that he thought he wasn't going to get any cake because no one knows him here. He was so happy.

On Wednesday we found a mom duck and her little ducklings. They were so cute.

This week we found a bunch of knew investigators, and almost all of them accepted baptism! We have a lot of people that we are teaching that are progressing towards that goal. It makes us very happy. We found this guy named Emanuel. He is 23 and is a storekeeper. One day as we were waiting for a bus next to his store, he walked out and gave us water. It was cool. So....we started talking to him. He told us how he has always been very happy and content with his life until recently. He has been feeling like he's been missing something, and he thinks that something is God. We taught him the Restoration and he was very excited. He was going to come to church on Sunday, but he had to travel early in the morning to Villa to get more merchandise for his store. We'll see if he comes this week.

We are continuing to work with Anuar. (I can't remeber if I've told you about him) His baptism is this weekend, and he came to church last Sunday. We teach him in his store, so on Sunday when we went to go pick him up from his house, we couldn't find it!!! We looked all around, but could not find the house he described to us...and He wasn't answering his phone. We didn't know what to do, so we prayed. Right when we said amen, we see him walking up the road. When he got to us he said ''I had a feeling that I needed to come look for you guys.'' He showed us his house, and then we went to church. He is very excited about everything we have taught him. He is going to have his interview either tomorrow or Wednesday. We are excitied for him.

On Friday, Sister Monzón (the sister that we ate with) made us tortilla's rellenos. They are tortillas filled with shrimp, cheese, tomatoes and cilantro. They were soooo good. One of the best meals that I have eaten here in México.

Last Sunday, our bishop asked us to help him out with taking food to Sabastian. Sabastian was in a motorcycle accident a year ago and suffered brain damage. He lives alone. Ward members go every other day to wash him, but the bishop asked us to take him food everyday (an extra plate from the sisters). It is pretty far away, but we told him yes because we want to help out in every way we can. Sabastian is really cool, and feel bad for him. He can't walk, and he struggles to eat, but he has a lot of courage. We visit him every day, wash his dishes, serve his food, and then sit and sing him hymns and read from the Book of Mormon. He is such a great guy. We are working with the ward to get him a speaker and some church music so that he can listen to it when he is alone.

Us visiting Sabastian
Lady and her family are doing really well. Lady doesn't have the member boss anymore, because she got changed. Now she says that her new boss is very rude. She asked for permission to come in a little late in order to go to church, but he told her no. That's not stopping her though...she is now trying to change work hours with another co-worker in order to be able to come on Sunday. We are praying for her because she really wants to go. She told us that if she can't get her shift covered, she might just show up late anyways. They are an awesome family.

Anyways....life is awesome here. I love being a missionary and I am really grateful for all of the success that we are finding right now.

I praying for and love you all. Enjoy the swim party and all that you're doing this week.

Elder Cavenee

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