Monday, August 8, 2016

President Haws!

Hello Family,                                         (Note from Mary:  this is from 7/25/16)

How are you all doing? I hope that everything is amazing and that you all had a wonderful week!! I miss and love you all. Sounds like your Sunday was really busy, but super cool as well. It's amazing everything that you can get done in one day....right. You'll have to send a hug from my part for Kelton.

So...this week was pretty sweet. On Tuesday Laura and Roldolfo got married!!! We helped setup and decorate for their reception. I was put in charge of the sound system and DJing. It was a lot of fun. It reminded me a lot of Jessica's wedding (it wasn't anything like it) just the wedding part made me think about her. My companion was put in charge of serving food. It was a great reception...Mexican's know how to party. Their dances are so cool and look so fun. It was hard not to jump up and dance with them. It was great.

On Wednesday we had interviews with President Haws. That was such an amazing experience for me. He is so inspired and he listens to every prompting that he recieves from God for everyone of us. I went in with him and felt the Spirit instantly. He told me ''Elder Cavenee, when I was set apart by an apostle, he promised me that I would recieve specific revelation for every missionary. Elder Cavenee, this is the first time that I have met you formally, but I have been thinking about you for several weeks now. The Lord is aware of you and your needs, and he gave me a message for you.'' He then shared a scripture with me. It was the answer that I have been praying for. We had a very wonderful interview. I felt all of his love and the Spirit that he has with him. He is amazing. (Mom, I'll send you some more details that are a little more personal).

After the interviews I went on divisions with Elder Roque. He is a new missionary, but full of fire. We had an awesome day together. He has so much energy, and it was nice to get a recharge from him. While we were out, it started to rain super hard out of nowhere! We didn't have anything for the rain, so we got soaked. It was great though because it has been so hot!!!

While I was on divisions my companion went and visited Lady and her family and they told them the great news. They are ready to be BAPTIZED!!!!! After three months of teaching them, they decided that it is the time!!! We are planning on having their baptism on Saturday. Pray that everything goes acoording to plan and that they can make this convenant.

On Thursday we found a new family. They are super cool. It's a mom and her three kids. The father wasn't home, but we taught them lesson one, and they loved it and felt the Spirit. They accepted baptism, but they couldn't come to church on Sunday because they went to visit her mom that lives in Cardenas. We will see if we can get them to come this week.

On Friday I woke up super sick, with a spider bite on my foot. So....we stayed at home all day while I was dying:( A sister in the ward brought me some medicine and brought us food. I slept pretty much the whole day. I had a fever and my whole body ached. It wasn't fun:(

On Saturday I was fine again. And we worked like crazy. Elder Mendez is leaving in three weeks, so we are trying to get in every moment of teaching that we can. We taught a total of 58 lessons last week. Not wasting a single second, because the time is ending fast!!!! It's hard not to think about home, because my companion is thinking and talking about being home every second of everyday now. I miss and love you all!!

On Sunday my companion got to video call his family because his brother left for the mission today. They are not going to see each other for four years!!! Seeing him talking to his family made me miss you all even more!!! But no worries. Before we know it, I'll be heading home to the best family in the world.

Today I recieved good news. One of my investigators from Frontera is going to get baptized and she wants me to go and baptize her. It's William's good friend from Frontera. I am going to see if I can get permission from president to be there. I hope so.

I am doing super right now. It is really hot. It's so hot that I think a part of my camera melted. The pictures now come out really wierd. I'll send you an example.

I Love you all so much!!!! Have a wonderful week!!!


Elder Cavenee

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