Thursday, April 14, 2016

Cardenas Week 3/Baptism!

Dear Family, (Note from Mary:  This is from Monday Feb. 21st)

How is everyone doing? It is great to hear about the progress of Jackson, and that he is out of the Hospital now!!!! Honestly I think the best rehab would be to just relax with the people that love him the most. Were the videos that you sent me from his rehab home? Did they give you a definite response in how long he has to be there?

Congratulations Vanessa on your speech. Did you guys record it? I would love to see some of it:) How is piano going? I miss you:) Jenna, how is your manfriend? How are you doing? I miss you. All of the Elders that see our family pictures always comment on how beautiful you both are:)

I'm sorry for all of the stress that it has been on all of you. I know that I don't feel any of it being here, so busy, but I imagine that it is very difficult for all of you. I want you to know that my companion and I pray for you all...all the time. My companion knows a little about what is going on.

My companion is the coolest guy ever. My favorite companion:) He is from México, and has 7 months in the mission. He is an awesome teacher, and a wonderful companion. We don't get to spend a ton of time together, because we do a lot of divisions, but we always miss each other. Right now our zone is the second best in the mission (not like it's a competition...okay maybe a little). The best zone in the mission is Carmen, and they have always been the best, but we have plans to pass them up. We'll see how that goes. Right now we are working on helping all of the Elders in the zone to invite their investigators to be baptized in the first lesson. We have several elders that are still afraid to do it, so we spend time in divisions with them showing them how it is done, and helping them feel more comfortable doing it.

This week was another crazy week of finding, teaching, interviewing, sweating, getting dehydrated...all of the good stuff. And.....we baptized!!!! We baptized an investigator named Marcial. It was a really neat experience. On Thursday, a sister in our ward told us that she wanted us to teach her brother. He had been taught by missionaries before, and has come to church, but just didn't want to change his life, and habits. His sister told us that she wanted us to visit with him and see if we could help him with his problems. We went on Friday, and taught him. We started by showing him the video Hallelujah. Then we talked to him about the Holy Ghost and what He is in our lives. We talked to Marcial about how the Holy Ghost can help him in his life, and asked him if he really wanted to change. He said that he did want to change his life around, and become a better example for his little boys. We then....following the Spirit, invited him to be baptized on Saturday, and he accepted!!!! I had the privilege to baptize him on Saturday. It was wonderful. All of his family were there. They were all so happy because they are all members, and he is the only one that has not been baptized. He told us that he has been taught by missionaries for years, and until the day we had visited him, he had never felt the Spirit that strong. He is very excited to start a new life. It is wonderful.

We have another baptism planned for this Saturday as well. We have been working on getting all of the areas baptizing every week....and this week only two areas don't have dates. We are going to be working with them to see if we can save some baptismal dates.

It has been very hot here. The heat months are getting closer. I've been told that Comalcalco is the hottest place in the mission. We'll see:) Today was a nice break. It rained and the weather cooled down.

Things are going really good here. I am really loving the mission. I love my area, zone, companion...everything. It is awesome.

I continue to pray for you all.

Love you tons,
Elder Cavenee

p.s. I'll send the pictures in a moment:)

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