Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Temporal Blessings

Dear Family,

I was very happy to hear about the proceedings of this week, and to see all of the pictures and videos. Seems like you guys are really enjoying life:) Life is so sweet, and really it is something that we can enjoy fully when we apply the principles of the gospel to our lives. Many people in the world try to make you believe that you have to sin in order to enjoy and experience fully life. It is not like that. We can come to find more joy when living the gospel and dedicating our lives to serving God and others.

So this week has been another crazy week filled with awesome experiences. In the scriptures God promises us that if we obey him, he will bless us physically and spiritually. After two weeks of spiritual blessings, this week was of physical blessings. For me they are spiritual as well.

Starting Monday after I wrote home. The whole day on Monday William was with us because he was set apart as a missionary so he couldn't do anything else. After writing we went to eat dinner with his family. We ate pancakes for dinner!!!!!! I love pancakes!! We then had a really nice lesson with them, and then headed out. As we were leaving, I got a call from President Morales. When President Morales calls you, it's either really good news, or your in trouble, so it surprised me that he was calling. I answered it and he told me why we needed to be in Villahermosa the next day. My companion had transfers. So we went home, and Elder Reyes packed up all his stuff. The next morning, we said goodbye to William, then went into Villahermosa. I ended up staying in Villahermosa for the rest of the day waiting for my new companion, but that was super cool. I got to be with all of the new Elders and Sisters. The ones straight from the MTC. I got to practice teaching with them and share advice on how to be an awesome missionary.

I then got to be present in the trainer meeting. President had me translate for the new missionaries. I CAN TRANSLATE!!!! Let me tell you that translating is super hard. You hear what is being said in Spanish, then you have to translate into English in your head, and then you have to say it in English. All three steps happen at the same time because the speaker doesn't stop talking. it was way cool, but my brain hurt afterwards. That meeting is when the new missionaries get put with their trainers. It is so Spirit filled and it caused me to remember when I was in that same meeting nine months ago. President and Sister Morales give talks about missionary work and obedience. Then the new missionaries pass in front to read the letters they wrote to their trainers. Things that they expect, things that they need help with, and express their love for their trainer. The trainers all listen, then by the Spirit, one stands up. With the confirmation of President, they the receive their new missionary. This is done one at a time. It is so amazing to see the Spirit speak to these trainers and tell them who they are going to train. All of them make perfect sense too. I want to train!! I know I have a lot to do before that, but I hope I can have that blessing during my mission.

After that meeting I got my new companion. His name is Elder Lopez, and he is from Columbia. He has been in the mission for 15 months. He is super awesome and we get along super well. President also called me over to talk to him. He asked me how my area is doing, and what baptisms we have planned. I told him that we are looking at baptizing every week in November, as is the standard in this mission. He then told me ''Elder, we have very little missionaries, so you have three weeks.'' I thought three weeks for what? I thought that maybe they are going to close one area in Frontera, so I have three weeks to prove I want to stay, or something like that. Anyways, I was called a district leader in Frontera, and then Elder Lopez and I were sent out to our area.

On Wednesday, I got a call from President. He gave me a special invite to the mission leadership council on Thursday. This is the meeting once a month where all the zone leaders and the assistants gather with President to have a council about the mission...and I got invited. That was super cool. Thursday morning I traveled to Villahermosa, again.

For this council, we started in the Temple. That was so amazing to be in the Temple again. I haven't been since April. The Temple is so peaceful and is an amazing place to receive revelation. I sat in the Celestial room for half an hour just being filled with the feelings of the Spirit. It was amazing. Then we had the council. We talked about how our vision as a mission is to baptize. How everything we do as missionaries, is to help people make this covenant with our Heavenly Father. We discussed about the ways we can help all the members of our zones (I applied all of this at a district level because I am not a zone leader) baptize every week. It was super cool to be a part of this council. President at the beginning introduced me and said ''Elder Cavenee is here so that we can see if he is ready to be a zone leader''. So....we'll see what happens with all of that. To be honest though...I would rather stay in Frontera working as a normal missionary. I don't feel ready for more responsibility yet. But, it is all up to the Lord. I'll go and do what the Lord asks of me and he will help me with my weakness. President also told us that our mission is #3 (unofficially) in all of México. He also challenged us to be #1. ''It's not a competition Elders and Sisters, but can we be number one?'' We all answered yes, of course. At the end of the council, we had a BBQ!!!! That food was so good!

On Friday we traveled to Villahermosa again for Zone class. It was really awesome too. We have a new zone leader named Elder Alverado. He is very powerful and teaches very well. We learned the same things that were discussed during the leadership council, but I learned even more because our zone leaders teach in a different way then President. I learned different things.

Saturday and Sunday we had Stake Conference, so we had to travel too and from Villahermosa those days too. The Conference was really good, and I was invited to sing in the stake choir. That was really fun, to sing with a choir...sing in parts. I've really missed that. Sister Morales gave a really good talk about working hand in hand. Missionaries and members for the work of salvation. Sunday night, a sister (inspired by that talk) called me up and we planned for the whole month to have a member accompany us every day, and to have set aside a few hours to visit references of those members. It is really cool to see how much a ward really can help in missionary work.

Sunday was the first day that I saw a lot of members this week because we were in Villa so much. But everyone, when they saw me told me ''It's good that you're still here'' or ''We are so happy that you didn't leave.''. It is so awesome to have the support of ward members. Whenever I need something, the ward members are so willing to help. I am so grateful for every single one of them.

This week we have a baptism planned for Norma's family, but they are a little hesitant right now. We are meeting with them tomorrow to try to help them overcome their doubts and fears. They are an awesome family.

Yesterday and today is Dia de los Muertos. Tonight we are going to the cemetery to contact, sing hymns for the dead, and teach about the Plan of Salvation. Everyone goes to the cemetery on this holiday to visit their loved ones that have died. That should be super fun. For Halloween (they don't really celebrate that here) Elder Lopez and I changed nametags!!!

So...I am doing super well and just enjoying life as it is. Working like crazy, and sleeping like a rock every night. Being a missionary is the best thing I have ever done my entire life!!!!

Sorry my letter is a little short this week. I sent a huge letter to President with the progress of all my investigators and less active members, so I didn't have a lot of time.

I Love you all so much and I wish you the best week ever!!!!!!

Elder Cavenee

P.S. Ward Family

Little Kids are the best!!! They all want to come back to the United States with me.

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