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On Dec 1, 2015, at 4:21 PM, Brett Cavenee  wrote:

 Hello Family,

 I Hope that all is well with you, and I was pleased to hear that Thanksgiving was super exciting for all of you. I miss all of that food and family time together. This week Thursday came and went and I totally forgot about Thanksgiving. It is not celebrated here, and I didn't realize until Saturday, that it had passed.

Sorry for not writing yesterday. I got transferred!!! They called me Sunday night and I went into Villahermosa on Monday morning. We were in training meetings all morning, then I worked the rest of the day as a secretary in the offices, helping them with all the stuff they have to do for the end of the year. I got called as a Zone Leader:) My new area is far Coatza Veracruz, and there is a meeting on Wednesday that I have to be at in Villahermosa, so...President just had me stay here in the offices until then. I still don't know what zone or who is my companion. I will find out tomorrow.

 I got the packages:) Could you send me the music files in emails? Just put them as an attachment from iTunes:) The package that I sent home has several things in it for you guys. You can open it:)

So this week has been super awesome. On Tuesday we had divisions with the Zone Leaders. I had the opportunity to go and work in Las Rosas, the area of the Zone Leaders, with Elder Thaller for a day. That was super awesome, and we worked really hard. I don't know why, but during divisions, almost always all the plans fall through, so we prayed that when that happened we would be able to find someone that was ready to receive the Gospel. At the end of the day, after lots of walking, and very few lessons, we were on our way to visit an old investigator. On the way, we passed by a less active youth in the ward that was with one of his friends and we stopped to offer them a lesson. They accepted and we had a really awesome lesson with the Spirit. This young man was ready to accept the gospel. He accepted baptism and felt the Spirit really strong. I hope that he keeps progressing with the zone leaders and that he will be able to be baptized.

 Elder Lopez and I have been working really hard trying to find more people to teach. One thing that we are really focusing on right now are references from members, and having members in lessons with us. This has really helped find new investigators and get investigators progressing. When an investigator has a friend in the church, their progression speeds up two or three times as fast. We went with our Young Women's President to visit a reference that she had. When we got there, this lady....Mayra....was so surprised. It turns out that she was baptized when she was 12 years old, and after 2 years, she went inactive. Now....20 years later she has her family and had completely forgot about the church. We taught them lesson 1, The Restoration, and it was really cool to see her reaction as she remembered this wonderful message. She was really interested to learn more about Eternal Families and Temples. Her husband is getting home from work this week and were had plans to go back and visit them. They should be a really cool family, and I hope they keep progressing with the Elders that are still in Frontera.

On Friday we had a really awesome Zone Conference. President had us bring members, Less-actives and investigators, and we practiced teaching all of the lessons for like three hours. It was really cool to practice with people other than missionaries. I learned a lot and I will be applying it to my teaching.

Afterwards Sister Morales had us decorate the offices for Christmas. That was super fun, and It reminded me a little bit of Christmas at home.

So, like I mentioned earlier, transfers came. I was really sad at first because I had a baptism planned this Saturday, and I didn't want to leave that area. By far it has been my favorite area in the mission. On Monday, saying by to several members and investigators before I left was super hard. The majority of them were crying. It's crazy in how short of a time you can come to love people. I'm going to miss them.

Anyways....sorry it's not that long this week, I gotta go, but I'll fill ya'll in more next week.

 I Love You All So Much!!!

Elder Cavenee
  P.S. Goodbyes Christmas Decorations

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