Friday, March 11, 2016

Tree Selfie/Speaking in Church

Hey Family, (Note from Mary:  This is from Monday, Feb. 22nd)

I hope that everything is going super awesome for all of you. I am so happy to hear that Jackson opened his eyes! That is amazing. Really it is a miracle that he is recovering so fast. How is he doing now? Has he talked yet?

This week flew by really fast. It's hard to even remember what we did. On Monday after we finished writing we ran to the house to receive a new washing machine that came all the way from México City. Elder Stoddard and I had to lift it up to the third floor of the building using a giant rope. It was super heavy, and we almost dropped it. We finally got it up. It is a really nice washing machine. Now we can wash in the house!!!!

It was a pretty normal week. Not very much happened. We just are working really hard to try and get some people baptized. We are teaching a bunch of people, but none of them are progressing. It's a little diff
icult, but that's okay because the reward is even better at the end.

On Wednesday, I went to Nan-Chital to do divisions. It was really fun. Elder Stoddard went to Las Chuapas to be with Elder Engamenn and Elder Hernandez. I was with Elder Lezama and Elder Augilar. It was super fun. I stayed with them on Wednesday and Thursday. Came back on Thursday night.I like doing divisions and getting to work with other Elders in other areas. I learn a lot every time we do them. Our zone is getting so much better. We are nolonger the worste zone in the mission. We are in like number 9 out of 11. That's not to bad for being the smallest zone in the mission. It is a lot of fun being a zone leader, but stressful as well. I now have the hang of it it is a lot eaiser.

Tuesday night we had a family home evening with a part member family. It was a lot of fun. We ate hamburgers...I made brownies, and we ate them with ice cream. It was great....and the best part is that one of the girls commited to be baptized on my birthday!!! That is the best present that I could get. If every area in the zone can baptize this Saturday.

On Friday, my companion and I decided to check out a part of our area where we have never been. A little pueblo outisde of Agua Dulce. We walked for like 2 hours on a dirt road, and got lost. I guess it was a lot farther than we thought. But we found this really cool tree, so we took some pictures:) We then found our way back. My companions legs were killing him on Saturday:)

On Sunday I gave a talk in church about the Holy Ghost. I shared this experience that we are going through as a family (not with all the details). I shared how the comfort of the Holy Ghost is real, and helps people through hard trials. He brings comfort and helps us to pass through those moments and come out stronger. I shared my testimony of this. Afterwards I had a sister come up to me that hasn't been to church in 2 years. She shared with me that during my talk, she felt the Spirit. She felt something that she had been missing the past two years. I talked to her for like ten minutes about the Holy Ghost and how we can feel it more in our lives through our obedience to God's commandments. Going to church and participating in the sacrament is a Spiritual recharge for every week. It is something that we need in order to function and face the trials of our lives. If we faithfully do everything that we know is right, and repent everyday for our faults, we can feel the Spirit more in our lives. He becomes a real friend, with us in every moment that we need Him. He has become a close friend of mine.

Sunday we had a record of 56 people that came to church. Two less active families that we have been working with came!!!! And....they brought their neighbor. We have a lesson with them tomorrow. Our ward is starting to grow, and members are starting to bring friends and neighbors to church. It is awesome.

Anyways...I love you all and hope that you have an amazing week. Jackson...keep up the good work. I'll be talking to you in a couple weeks:).


Elder Cavenee

The road that we followed to the little Pueblo
Selfie in a Tree

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