Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Baptism of Maria

Hello Family,                                                           (Note from Mary: this is from Monday 6/20/16)

I´m sorry if my letter is short today because It is pouring rain, and the cibers are all losing internet!!!!

When I say that it is pouring rain, I mean that there is a waterfall falling out of the sky, and all the streets have turned into rivers!!!! It is awesome. I love rain. Last night we woke up in the middle of the night, soaked from the rain that was blown into our window. It was a really weird feeling to wake up with water falling down your face, but it was cool. It seems like the earth can´t decide what weather it wants to have right now. During the day it is burning hot, and then it rains like crazy for an hour or two, then the sun comes out again and vaporizes all of the water making it even hotter (seriously, it is a natural sauna!). Then at night it is pouring rain, and freezing again. It's crazy, but I like it....adds a little variety!!

It´s awesome to hear what you´ll all be up to for the next two weeks!!! DC, NYC, and Nauvoo. That is going to be a blast. I miss Nauvoo. It still has a part of my heart. Yes, I did go to New York for the Scout Jamboree. I don´t remember how many days we were there for, but I remember in NYC the Empire State Building, Times Square, and Central Park. Also we went to Gound Zero (Twin Tower Site) and did some other stuff....I don´t remember a whole lot. We went to a bunch of Church and American History sites. It was a lot of fun. I hope that you all enjoy it!!!!!

This week was fantastic. We had a Baptism!!!!! Maria Ofelia got Baptized!!!!!! She is so animated now. Walking her home from her baptism she asked us ''What chapters in the Book of Mormon do I have to read before church tomorrow?'' It was awesome. She brought her grandson Hector and her really liked seeing her baptism, and her confirmation on Sunday. The young men in the ward welcomed him very well, and he loved church. We are planning to start teaching him, and use that as a opening into the rest of his family. Ofelia told us that her son Hector (young Hector´s dad) almost came to church. Ofelia told us that he was going to come, but he was wearing tennis shoes. So...she told him that he couldn´t go to church in tennis shoes, he got upset, and decided not to go. When she told us that, we explained to her that it was okay....just as long as he came. She told us that she thought he couldn't because of the way that we dress. Hahahah!!!! So we explained to her that the Lord just wants us to wear our best when we go to church...she understood and is going to invite him for next week.

We had a really amazing experience with Maria Ofelia this week. She shared with us a dream that she had...about a month ago. In this dream, she saw Jesus moving and changing the earth. She said He was doing it with ease. Creating mountains, sinking cities, changing everything. Then, she saw Him come down from Heaven. He blessed and taught the people that were there. And then, with hand movements, built a church with three pillars. After it was built, many people entered, but they were all children. Jesus then sat with all of them and blessed them. Then He went back up to Heaven. After that she woke up. My companion had chills all over his arms, and I was crying. I felt the Spirit so strong in that moment. It was amazing. She then asked us what it meant, and we both opened the Book of Mormon to 3 Nephi 11. We read the chapter with her, and she told us that that was what she saw. Then she asked us about the Church with three pillars. We read in Ephesians about the church that Jesus Christ established and how it had three fundamentals...Prophets, Apostles, and the Authority of God (priesthood). We talked about how Christ established his church with these fundamentals....which the pillars represent. Then she asked about why only children were in the church. We read again in 3 Nephi 11 when Christ teaches us that we need to be as little children. It was so amazing. Everything that we said or read was given to us by the Spirit. My companion, Ofelia, and I felt the Spirit so strong that afternoon. Elder Mendez and I left that appointment in awe. She dreamed what happened in the Book of Mormon, and the Spirit led us to be able to interpret that dream. It was amazing!!!

On Saturday night, Anuar called us and asked if he could take us to church on Sunday. We thought that he was talking about his old church because all week he was trying to get us to go with him. But he explained that he wanted to take us to our church. We were so surprised!!! He was progressing so well until about three weeks ago when he just stopped completing with the things that we left him and started contending with us. It really surprised us...but we said of course he could. He came and picked us up on Sunday morning in his truck, and went to church with us. It was awesome!!!

Lady wasn´t able to go to church this week because she had to work, but both of her daughters showed up...on their own!!! Also, on Wednesday, we went to the church to meet with our ward mission leader, and they were there with the young women at mutual!!!! It was really funny....we were talking with our mission leader about their family, and he told us ''did you guys not know that they are here right now?'' Sure enough, they were there. That was awesome. We are planning on setting a baptismal date with them this week.

On Tuesday we had our last conference with President. It was really awesome and really sad at the same time. President and Sister Morales talked to us about how we can become better than we are, and how we could do it. They talked about how the best gift they could leave us, is having taught us how to trust in the Spirit when we teach. We had a really awesome practice, with a new style of teaching, and it is the best lesson I have ever given in my entire mission. It was amazing. It is helping a lot in our teaching. Afterwards we played volleyball with president, and of course I was on a team opposite of him. I got several good serves to pass through his arms, but because he is president, he called redo....hahaha. He has a really good serve as well. It was a lot of fun...especially because president starts talking trash to everyone (in a very loving but funny way). At the end, he told us that it was the last game, but we played four more until he finally won. And then he said ''Alright, that is the real last game, so that you all remember that I beat you all at volleyball!'' It was very funny.

I ordered a new magnet name tag like five months ago (i lost my other in a bus) and it finally got in this week. The only problem is that when a Méxican Elder send in the order, he writes your name wrong. My name tag showed up written Elder Cavene. I´m going to order a new one.

On Sunday I sang ''Oh My Father'' for a special musical number with another sister in the ward. It was  awesome. She has an incredible voice!!!! (Picture of her family included) Also, the primary kids sang for all the fathers during Priesthood.

Anyways....this week was great, and we are preparing for another great week ahead. I Love you all and hope that you have an amazing and safe vacation.


Elder Cavenee

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