Tuesday, July 5, 2016


Happy Fourth of July Everyone!!!!!!                                                       6/4/16

I hope that you are all celebrating and enjoying this day....because it´s just another normal day here:) This morning our landlord called me, and wished me a Happy Fourth of July! That was cool. He told me to hang my flag outside on the balcony so....after reassuring my companion that no one was going to kill us...I did. When I told him I was going to hang it up he was like ''No Elder....someone is going to throw a bomb at us!!!'' It was really funny. But it's hanging up right now....and nothing has happened:) I also wore my Captain America shirt in honor of the great country of where I was born (and because he is pretty cool). Anyways.....remember the great country that you all live in and all of the freedoms that we have!!!!

Today is also Tony´s birthday. The bishop's son....he is turning three today!!! He is the coolest. We saw him today and he came running up to us and gave us his birthday candy!!!! And then he asked for it back:( It's alright though because he still gave us a piece!!!

So...on Tuesday this week we had district class. It was a pretty good class, and we all set a goal to find a new family to teach this week. As companions we decided what we were going to do in order to find them. My companion and I decided to fast and pray, that we could find this family and that they would contact us. So we did it. We decided to fast on from Thursday to Friday with that specific purpose. On Friday....as we were taking food to Sebastian we passed by an apartment that is below his. Standing there in the door was a little boy, who waved at us energetically and gave us the biggest smile. We waved back, and went up the stairs to feed Sebastian. On they way back down, he was still at the door, but he was with his mom. She called us over and asked us who we were. She see's us everyday taking food to Sebastian, and so she asked us what we were doing. We explained that we were missionaries, and that we take care of feeding S
ebastian. THEN........She asked us if we could share something with her kids!!!!! She invited us in and we taught them about the Restoration. The mom's name is Maria, and she has four kids. Juliana who is 12, Jesus who is 9, Carla who is 8, and Bryan who is 2. They are a great family, and the lesson went very well. They accepted baptism, but they weren't able to come to church this week, so that is the next goal with them. But our prayer was answered!!! Fasting and prayer really works.

On Wednesday we had a conference with our new President. President Haws!!! He is from California, and he is amazing. The spirit he has is so powerful. I was talking to my companion, and we both feel that he is going to take this mission to another level. He shared with us his three favorite word from Preach My Gospel. Obedience, Work and Love. He shared witht us the importance of each of these in order to have/feel the Spirit. And that is how this work is done....with and by the power of the Spirit. He talked about our calling as missionaries. Our goals is to be and instrument in the hands of God.

41 And you must preach unto the world, saying: You must repent and be baptized, in the name of Jesus Christ;
42 For all men must repent and be baptized, and not only men, but women, and children who have arrived at the years of accountability.
43 And now, after that you have received this, you must keep my commandments in all things;
44 And by your hands I will work a marvelous work among the children of men, unto the convincing of many of their sins, that they may come unto repentance, and that they may come unto the kingdom of my Father.
45 Wherefore, the blessings which I give unto you are above ALL things. D&C 18:41-45

When we are able to become that instrument and literally save people...the Lord promises us His blessings which are greater than anything else that we can recieve. I really believe this. I have recieved so many blessings that top anything else that I can get in this world. ''These two years are not the best two years of my life, they are two years to better my life.'' Anyways....President Haws is amazing.

On Thursday, I had one of the most Spiritual experiences in my life. We went to visit Hermana Ladie and her daughters. Together we watched ''Meet the Mormons''. It was awesome because all three of them laughed, and cried. Afterwards, we talked with them about the movie and they all shared there favorite parts. Ladie then shared with us how much she loves when we come to visit because of what she feels every time we are in their house. It's different than any other time. We had the amazing opportunity to talk with them in detail about the gift of the Holy Ghost, and how it has blessed and changed our lives. For the first time in a while, as I was bearing my simple testimony of this to them, I started crying. I felt like someone was sitting beside me, and that he put his hand on my shoulder and told me that what I was saying was real and true. I was filled with a ton of happiness and love. I felt sooo good. In that moment we invited them to be baptized. Suari and Yaharia accepted right away! Ladie told us that she is almost ready....that it will be sooner than we think. That was amazing. I can't really describe everything that I felt in those moments, but it was one of the most tender moments in my mission. It was wonderful.
We also found two other new investigators that accepted baptism. Marco Antonio and Conception. Neither of them were able to come to church:( But we are going to work with them this week to get them to church.

So...that was my week. I love you all and hope that you all have an amazing week.


Elder Cavenee

P.S. We stopped by the Temple when we were in Villa

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