Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Follow the Spirit

Hello my traveling Family,                                       (Note from Mary:  this is from Monday 6/27/16)

I hope that everything is going amazing for all of you in your travels around the United States. It looks like a ton of fun!!! I miss you all.

So this week was spectacular. I thoroughly enjoyed it. (Normally every week is like that). We had the coolest experience with a family. So...last week we were traveling in a combie (taxi van) when out of nowhere a little boy named Erick started talking to me. He asked if I was a missionary...and of course I told him yes. He got super excited and told his dad (who was sitting on the other side of the combie) that he found missionaries. When we got off the combie, Ruben (the Dad) told us that he and is family were members, and that they had just moved from Merida. They asked us to come and visit them later that week, but they didn't know there direction. They kind-of explained to us where they live...giving us directions that didn't really make sense, and we set an appointment to visit them. On Tuesday we had that appointment, but we couldn't find there house. We looked for about an hour, but could not find them. We felt really bad, but we couldn't do anything about it.

On Thursday we were in that neighborhood again, we were just passing through on the bus to go to another area for an appointment. Elder Mendez and I both felt really strongly that we needed to get off the bus....so we did. Getting off we started trying to figure out who we were supposed to visit. We decided to pray and ask the Lord who we are supposed to find/visit. In that moment we both felt that it was this family....so we headed out to find there house. After looking for like twenty minutes, we could not find it...and we were about to give up again. We decided to pray again and ask for help to find this family. The moment we finished the pray...Erick came running down the street yelling for us. When he got to us he gave us a huge hug, and then took us to his house. His whole family was there and we had an amazing lesson with them. They were all so excited to see us and wanted more than anything to come to church on Sunday. They told us that they had been praying for several weeks that the missionaries would show up in order to help them get to church (know when and where). Then we showed up. On Friday we went back with the Bishop so that he could get to know them. We had another amazing lesson with them. In just two visits they feel like family, and I love them. They are a family of five. Mom, Dad, two girls that are 11 and 9, and Erick who is turning 8 in September. Ruben, the dad, is a musician. He performs on buses and in restaurants playing his guitar and singing. Everyone of them love to sing and have amazing voices. We had fun singing together. They are amazing. They came to church on Sunday and were so happy.

I know that the Lord always inspires us and always answers our prayers. We need to be ready in every moment to receive directions from the Holy Ghost. Once we receive those instructions, we need to act in the moment. I have learned that here. When the Spirit speaks, we need to obey in the moment because it is really God speaking to us. When we do, we receive blessings, and when we don't....well, it's better if we do. I know that He is aware of everyone of us and our needs. If we ask, He will answer.

On Thursday we had our farewell with President Morales. That was really hard saying goodbye. He leaves on Wednesday:( During the meeting, all of the missionaries were given the opportunity to speak and share something about President and his family. Express love and gratitude for them and all that they have done. I didn´t realize how much I really love President Morales until that moment. As I spoke, I turned around and looked him in the eyes, and once again just felt the overwhelming love that he has for me, and all of the missionaries. Of course I was crying. I am really going to miss him and his family. They are amazing!!!!

It has been raining a ton here. I Love it. The storms roll in so quick and it is really cool to see. I'll send you pictures.

My companion got really sick this week, with a fever and strep throat.

He was out for about two days, so I got to play nurse and take care of him. He caught it from the bishopwho has also been sick. I got to do a lot of injections this week. Every morning and night I gave my companion and the bishop injections!!!! That was super fun. I'm surprised I remembered how to do it, but everyone is okay now so I guess I didn't forget. That was fun.

On Sunday I took pictures with several families here in the ward. I'll send them too.

Sorry it's a little short today....the internet is really slow right now.

Anyways, I love you all and hope that you are all safe and enjoy the rest of your trip!!!!


Elder Cavenee

I found Ragu Sauce!!!!

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