Friday, September 2, 2016

Maohricio Baptism!

Sorry,                                                 (Also from August 15th)

I forgot to put something in my email.

On Saturday a boy in our ward was baptized....Maohricio. His Mom asked me to confirm him. It was amazing what came in that blessing I gave him after the confirmation. I felt all the love that the Lord has for this little boy. He reminds me a lot of Jackson. The Lord has a lot planned for him. It was an amazing experiance.

This family have never really been close to missionaries before, but I love them. After the baptism the father gave me a huge hug...and crying thanked me for caring about them, and not leaving them alone. It was a wonderful moment.

The sister sent you some pictures mom. Mom, in your facebook, no one can send you friend invites. I don't know why, but there are several sisters that want to be your friend on facebook to be able to send you pictures and videos:)

I Love you a ton!!!!

Elder Cavenee

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