Friday, September 2, 2016

Really Hard Week/Baptism of Josefina

Hello Family,                                   (Monday, August 29th, 2016)

I'm glad to hear what you all are up to. Sounds like life is busy but enjoyable for ya'll back there in Arizona.

This week was a rollercoaster. Some pretty big ups and downs. Bigger than normal. but I made it through, and am looking at a better week ahead. I'm going to start with the downs because it's always better to end reading the good stuff. First thing..,.this week the mosquitos have been super crazy. There are tons of them. Because we are entering in the rainy season, they are multiplying like crazy and they are everywhere. We use repelent, but sometimes it's not enough:(

Second...I got super sick. I had a fever, headache and runny-nose. We think it was from the mosquitoes. Our house gets really hot at night, so we open the windows, but they don't have mosquito screens so we get eaten alive. The doctor thought that I had's a disease that is contracted from the mosquitoes here. I don't think I do, but I have to go in a couple times more this week to check. I'm doing better now, but I had to buy a ton of medicine:( So, I am out of money. (Note from Mary:...don't worry...we sent him some) companion and I have officially walked too much. Our feet are dead. Literally dead. On Friday my feet were killing me towards the end of the day. On Saturday, my companion and I both woke up with swollen feet. Also...because of the humidity our feet have cracked open and are bleeding. We went to the doctor on Saturday for our feet and he said that they are very bad. He gave us strict instructions so that they can heal up. We had to buy special cremes and more medicine....not cheap. He also said that I need to buy all new socks, and if I can two pairs of new shoes so that I can give each pair a day to air out. I don't know where that money is going to come from...I hate to ask for money. I'll try to figure it out with what they give me here:/ On Sunday morning our feet were even more swollen. It is really hard to walk around the house in the morning. During the day my feet go I don't feel it, but they are bleeding when we get home at night. The doctor said we need to rest, but we don't have time too. We were given permission too, but I don't want to. There is too much to get done!!!! Please pray for my feet. Really struggling with them right now.  (Note from Mary:  I emailed him back and forth 8 times and told him he needed to buy 2 pair of shoes and new socks...we sent him the money....and rotate his shoes, etc.  So don't worry...all is well.  He had this issue in high school, too...but it is compounded with the humidity.)

We spent all day today resting in the house because we are just super tired. Those were the struggles of the week, but I also had several highlights.

We had another baptism!!!! Josefina, Lady's mom, was baptized on Friday!!! That is all of the family that lives in our area. They are all so happy for that, and they want to send missionaries to the rest of their family.

We have another baptism planned for this Saturday. Viki is an investigator that I was teaching with Elder Velazquez. She wasn't really interested, but, following the Spirit, we went and visited her this week. She accepted baptism!!! She came to church on Sunday and is preparing for Saturday!! Her daughter is a member and is filling out her papers. She is so happy right now!

President came and visited us twice this week. It was great to have him over and get to talk with him. We had a special meeting with him about our work in Teapa. The plans that we have, and some permision that we needed. He also brought us a air-conditioning unit!!! He brought that on we have passed the past two nights sleeping with clima!!!!

Teapa is going great. Last week we met with the family that is going to have the meetings in their house. They are super excited to start the branch out there. The first sacrament meeting will be this Sunday!! We have permission to baptize in the river there!!! We are super excited. Right now there are about 20 members that live there, but only 6 are active. We spent all Wednesday there, and now we have 7 investigators with baptismal dates. We are going back on Wednesday and Thursday this week. I am so excited for what we are going to be able to do there.

Now that we have two days less every week in Mercedes, we have to work twice as hard. I am absolutely exhausted, but it's okay because we are seeing the blessings.

Please pray for me and my health. I want to be able to keep working super hard. Don't want to miss a single moment.

I Love you all soo much!!!!! Have and amazing week!!!


Elder Cavenee

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