Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Branch in Teapa

Hello Family,                               (Note from Mary: this is from Mon. Sept. 5th, 2016)

I am so happy to hear how everyone is doing. Thanks for the pictures!!! That's great that you guys were able to go California!!! And enjoy the beach for a couple days. I don't think I've ever been inside the San Diego Temple...but it looks super beautiful. Dad....did you know that hotels here are like $10 a night. The more expensive ones are like $70 a night.....super cheap!!!

I completely forgot about Labor Day :/ I guess it's easy to forget about those holidays when you're living in Mexico. Here we are getting ready for September 16 Mexico's Independance Day. We are going to have a Ward Mexico Night. My companion and I are preparing a sketch ''How to be Mexican'' is what we are calling it. Basically we are going to turn me into a Mexican. My companion is going to teach me to dance, sing, and eat Chile. It should be super funny.....but we'll see how it goes.

My feet are way better now. They are still tired, but the cracking has stopped for the most part. And I can walk again without problems. That's good news.

On Sunday we had our first sacrament meeting in Teapa!!!! It was super great. We had 21 people that came!!! My companion and I felt super amazing. It felt so cool to be sitting there in someones house that was dedicated for that purpose and see these people be able to participate in the Sacrament. And my companion and I were the ones assigned to make it happen. It happened!!!! We had a great week in Teapa. We had a total of 11 new investigators in just two days. We are teaching a Señora named Panchita and her two kids. We had a great lesson with them on Thursday last week. She is passing for a really difficult time with her husband who is alcoholic. We talked for awhile with her about the Gospel and the Holy Ghost and about repentance and baptism. She really felt the Spirit. Her and her kids are getting baptized this Sunday!!! First baptisms in Teapa!!! We are so excited. We are going to baptize them in a river!!!! WOOOOHOOOO!!!

Sacrament Meeting in Teapa!!

We are teaching various others here that are progressing. They should make it to baptism in a couple more weeks. It's a little hard with scheduling because we are only here on Wednesday and Thursday, but we are making it work.

Back in Mercedes...we had another baptism!!! Victoria was baptized. It was a great service. Her daughter Christina has been a member for like 6 years now, and has been waiting all of this time for her mom to be baptized. On Saturday I've never seen Christina happier. She shared her testimony in the baptismal service. It was so sweet, and once again I was reminded of the miracle of eternal families.

Baptism of Vicki

On Friday we had a special conference with President Haws. It was great. We talked about the Plan de Area....don't know what they call it in English. It is basically the plan that the members of the seventy in charge of this area of Mexico made for missionary work between members and missionaries. We talked a lot about retention of members. Keeping new converts active in the church and how we can help our bishops reactivate the less, and in-actives. It was a really good conference. We also talked about how we can improve our relationship with the leaders of the wards where we are serving, President told us that we will be in our areas for at least 6 months so that we can establish a great relationship with the ward. President used me as an example. He said...in front of everyone....that I now have five months in my area and I would be finishing my mission in Las Mercedes!!!! WOOOOHOOO!!! I love this area...it would be a great place to finish.

We are working with an investigator named Alejandro. He has a baptismal date for this Saturday, but we are not sure if he'll be ready. We are focusing on him a lot this week, and hopefully he can be ready on Saturday. He is progressing very well, and is very interested in everything.

My companion and I get along super well. We teach like one person. I don't think I have been so synchronized with a companion before. In our lessons we are always thinking the same things, and are right behind one another. It's great!!! And we are having a lot of success together.

Anyways.....it was a great week, and we have another great week in front of us. I am doing super well. I miss you all a ton and I Love you all.

Have a great week!!!!

Elder Cavenee

1. Sacrament Meeting in Teapa

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