Thursday, October 27, 2016

Happy/Busy in the Work!

Dear Family,                (Note from Mary:  This is from Monday, Oct. 24th, 2016)

It is great to hear what you are all up to right now. Sounds like you are all as busy as ever!!!! I really miss you all and can't wait to see you in 2 months!!!!!

As far as Easter pageant goes....I would love to be in it...but I don't know where I'm going to be working or what my schedule is going to I think if I do it, I should just be multitude with the family. I would love to be an angel---but I don't know how scheduling is going to work out. Plus I'll get to be more time with you guys!!!!

Weather update....on Tuesday it started raining....and has not stopped!!!!!!'s getting colder, and everything is always wet. Welcome to Veracruz!!!! Its a nice change from always super hot in Tabasco:)

This week flew by although every day in itself was very long. As zone leaders, we have to be the example for all of the other Elders in the zone. We are working super hard so that the numbers of our key indicators can set that example. We have two areas in the zone that are struggling more than the others. One of them is my first tomorrow I am going over there to do divisions and help them find new investigators that have the potential to progress. I also am planing to take them to visit several investigators that I was teaching when I was there to see if they have potential to progress. We'll see how it goes...but the goal is to help the Elders become excited again about the work in their area (the last time we saw them they were very disanimated.)

On Tuesday we worked in the other ward that we cover called Paquetal. The ward mission leader came out with us all afternoon to visit. We found a great investigator. He s a young man that listened to the missionaries when the sister were a year ago. We had a great lesson with him, nad he accepted baptism. He told us that he was going to get baptized before, but they took the missionaries out before he could be baptized. His name is Jonathan, and we are preparing his baptism for this Saturday!!!

Me and my compaion

We are also working with a part-member family. Erwin is a young man that is the only member of hie family. We are teaching his mom, Dalia, and his sister Karime. Karime now wants to be baptized, but her mom didn't want to giver her permission. On Friday we had a great lesson with Dalia, where she really felt the Spirit. We talked about the atonement of Jesus Christ and how we can be forgiven of our sins. She started to cry, and told us that she would think about letting her daughter get baptized, but for now...she still doesn't want to. On Sunday morning we were surprised to see that Karime and Erwin were at church. Their mom gave them permission to come to church!!!! Tomorrow we have an appointment with them to see how Dalia is feeling. We are praying that she will give her permission to baptize Karime.

We are also teaching a young adult named Elyew. He is 22 and w
e met him while he was chopping down a tree. We stopped to help him, and after taught him lesson 1. It was a great lesson and he invited us to come back to his house. In our second lesson with him, we taught lesson 3 and invited him to baptism on November 5th. He accepted very enthusiaticly..and told us that he would come to church on Sunday. On Saturday though...while he was working, he hit his leg with the axe, and so on Sunday he wasn't able to go to church. When we passed by in the morning to take him to church he told us what happend. He didn't cut himself, but his leg was all swollen and he could barely walk. But he promised to come next week.

We found a family of six last week. On Friday we had a Family Home Evening with them, and with a family in the ward. We talked about the atonement of Jesus Christ, and about repentance. We invited the family to prepare to be baptized on November 5th as well, and they all accepted!!! They came to church!!!! And so their progression keeps moving forward.

We are teaching another family of 5. The dads name is Elvis...and they are very interested. The only problem with them is that Elvis and his wife are not married. So we are working with them to get all of their papers together so that they can get married. They have plans now to get married in November. They have two daughters and their neice lives with them. On Saturday they invited us to eat carnes asadas....steaks and sausages. It was super good!!!

On Thursday I went to the area Obrera to do divisions with the Elders there and to do their baptismal interviews. It was a great day...their investigators were super prepared and very nice. We helped a sister in the ward pouring rain, because no one else in the ward showed up. We loaded a refrigerator, stove, kitchen table and chairs, and a couch just my companion and I all while it was pouring rain. The sister lives alone....her children abandoned her....and she can't use half of her body at 100%. It was very sad to see, but although she has all of these trials, her faith and love were amazing. We had a great time getting soaked helping her.

The primary president asked me to play the piano for the primary program that is this Sunday, so on top of everything...I have to learn 8 primary hymns this week!!! But I'll get it done.

I know that the Lord helps us to bring to pass his work. Altough my companion and I have so much to do, we always find the time to get it all done. As we are close to the Spirit, He guides us to be in the right place at the right time. And when we are obedient to His commandments (and mission rules) He blesses us with everything that we need. God is great, and He loves us so much. Always remember that.

I Love you all!!!!!

Elder Cavenee

Refinery by our house (that makes a lot of noise).
Refinery at night

Super Powers (Ha!)

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