Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Rocking It in Teapa

Hello Dear Family,               (Note from Mary:  This is from Monday, Sept. 12th, 2016)

I hope that you all had an amazing week this week. Sounds like you are all keeping busy. That's good because it keeps you out of trouble.

This week was pretty awesome for me. We are just rocking it in Teapa. Everyting is going good. Not exactly as we planned....but it's working out. We had a hard weekend with the members. Our baptisms fell through in Teapa, and several of the members got very discouraged. They got mad at us as well because the baptisms fell through. We didn't baptize because Panchita's son had an accident and they were in the hospital and couldn't come....but they're set up for next week. Jose Miguel was not baptized because he had a problem with alchohol and we decided it would be good to wait a little longer. The members got frusturated and complained that it was because we were not spending enough time out there. We had nice talk with them. We are doing the best that we can. It is very hard to work in two areas at the same time...especially when they are and hour away from one another. The good thing is that coming out of that, we commited the members to help us, so that we can have some baptisms in Teapa very soon. Some of the sisters started planning to go visit our investigators during the week while we are not there. So we gave them a list. That should help us a lot. Now....everything is going good in Teapa, and everyone is animated.

I know that it is by revelation that we were sent to Teapa. Although it is hard, we have had several experiances that witness to us that the Lord called my companion and I there. On Wednesday Elder Gonzalez and I were walking through Teapa contacting (starting from scratch). We were having a great time....everyone is very nice in Teapa and very accepting. We were going to eat lunch with a sister that lives just outside of Teapa, and we have to take a bus to her house. It was time to go, so...we were waiting for the bus when we both had the feeling we needed to go down the road a little more to wait for it. Because we both thought the same thing, we obviously did it. As we were walking down the road, we passed by a photo studio. As we passed, a man walked out and whistled at us. We turned around and he motioned to us that we come back and talk to him. He said to us ''you guys are mormons...right.'' We told him that yes we are and he told us ''Two years ago I met with mormons. But one day they just disappeared. But today.....I saw that you guys are back. Can you guys come in and talk to me?'' We of course went in with him and started talking to him about his life, and the struggles he is going through right now. He told us he wanted to go to church and asked us where it was. It was amazing!!! He and his son came to church!!!! They loved it and felt the Spirit. We are going to be working with them very closely. It ws super cool how the Spirit put us in the right place at the right time.

Things like that are happening all the time here. It's great!!!

On Saturday we had a great lesson with Alejandro. He has been reading the Book of Mormon and is super excited about what he feels. He is getting baptized this Saturday at 10:00am. Also Jorge Luis is going to get baptized on Saturday. He is an investigator that was living here in Mercedes, but went to Ciudad de Carmen for several weeks. He is coming back this week and will get baptized on Saturday!!!

We are teaching several others that are progressing very well. We continue to see success and to feel the guidance of the Holy Ghost. Elder Gonzalez and I get along very well. I am having a wonderful time as a missionary.
Pday on 9/5/16

I Love you all and want you all to know that I know that everything I am teaching here is real and true. I have no doubt. The Lord is a part of or lives and He is always guiding us to do the right thing. Just ask for His help, and listen.

I hope you all have a wonderful week. I Love you all!!!!


Elder Cavenee

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