Tuesday, October 11, 2016


Hello Family,                                                        Monday, Oct. 10th, 2016

Thanks for the wonderful letters this week. My favorite parts are the spiritual experiences that you are all having. Personal revelation, and growing more and more closer to God. Remember to always be worthy to have the companionship of the Holy Ghost, and to always listen and obey as to what he tells you to do.

Jenna....I'm sorry for what you had to go through last Tuesday. It's hard to say goodbye to people that you love....especially when you are not going to see them for a really long time. Stay in touch with him....write him, but help him stay focused. Share with him your spiritual highlights every week. He will be spending the next two years walking side-by-side the Spirit. Prepare yourself for the change that will happen in him, and rise to that level as well. Especially because you are preparing for a mission. Just have faith and everything will work out. Besides....I'll be home in 12 weeks, and we'll have such an awesome time together that it won't be as hard.

Have fun in the redwoods!!!! I Love that place. It is so beautiful out there. I miss the forests. Here is just jungle....which is cool, but i'm missing back there. Mom, didn't you see Cavalia a couple years ago? I remember a dvd or disc in the house about that. That should be super cool.

Congrats Vanessa on swim team....are you going to lifeguard next summer? Maybe i'll do it with you. We'll see....I need to work a ton. It would be fun!!! Congrats Jackson and Vanessa on your first concerts. I'll be at those supporting you guys really soon!!! And we will do a ton of crazy outdoor things together. I really miss that!!!!

Dad....like always super busy doing good for everyone. How is work going? You mentioned a while ago that you were looking for a new job....you still doing that? How is Institute? How many students do you have, average age? I always hope that one day I can get to be able to teach like you:) You have always given me that example:)

So....today I received some bad news and some good news. I'm getting transferred on Thursday and heading back to Minatitlan (where I started my mission). I have been assigned as a zone leader again. I'll be finishing as a zone leader!!!!! I am very sad though to leave Las Mercedes. I have been here for seven months now, and have a lot of memories. I also have to leave behind the branch we opened in Teapa...which means no more baptisms in the river:( But I'm excited. We'll see what is in store for me for my last two transfers!!!!

Last week was a wonderful week full of miracles and surprises. Also of remodeling:) Our landlord got payed a ton of money and decided to do some major remodeling in our house. So....this week we have been moving all of our stuff from room to room, and sleeping in different rooms every night. We spent en entire day and a half painting. All of the walls we painted green and the ceilings white. A brother in the ward made doors for every room, and they are a dark brown. The house is super nice now.....it feels like a completely new house. We have been working like crazy, but it's be fun to give service (although it was partly service to ourselves).

We had two baptisms that were really miracles. Encarnacion is an older lady who is super Catholic. We have been teaching her for some time now, but Tuesday we had a great lesson with her. She finally accepted to be baptized!!!! We were teaching her, answering her questions and everything....very fun, but difficult, when all of a sudden she said to us ''So....I need to get baptized....right?'' and we were like ''well....since you said it....yeah you do. How does Friday sound?'' and she was like ''sure....let me pray about it, but I think it's a great idea.'' On Thursday we went again with her and she told us that she wasn't going to get baptized. We asked her why, and she shared with us her doubts that her pastor put into her head. After a very wonderful lesson, she felt so much better and was ready for Friday. As soon as she accepted her baptism, she started to cry. She started asking forgiveness for being so difficult with us all this time. It was so sweet to see her filled with the Spirit. We told her not to worry, that it came with the job, and that we loved her a ton. It was a great night. She was baptized on Friday.

We also baptized Alejandro!!!!!! After leaving him alone for a week, we called him on Monday night, and the first thing he said to us is '' when can we plan my baptism?'' We told him that Friday we had a baptismal service planed and he was all for it. He was working all week in Macuspana so we could only talk to him by calling him. One night he shared with me that he has been praying to get rid of his alcohol addiction, and that it doesn't even tempt him anymore. That was awesome to hear. He was baptized on Friday, and the Elders quorum president already has him doing his visiting teaching. It's great!!

We are also teaching an investigator named Leonardo who is basically a member....he just can't get baptized until he stops smoking. But he comes to church every week and has his own visiting teaching assignments. He is super cool. Last week we put pictures of Christ on all of the things that he uses to smoke, so that we he goes for them, he sees Christ, and loses the temptation. It's working!!!

We are teaching the son-in-law of our landlord and his wife. Yesterday we went and ate dinner with a family in the ward 

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