Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Conference Week!

Hello Family,                       (Note from Mary:  This is from Monday, Oct. 3rd, 2016)

It was great to hear from you this week.

Wasn't Conference amazing?!?!?! I Love Conference. This time I watched all of the sessions in Spanish. It was great....and on Sunday we got a bunch of members and investigators from Teapa to come!!! I loved the talks of Elder Oaks and Elder Anderson about missionary work. They both talked about members should pray specifically to receive inspiration as to whom they need to talk to during their day and invite them to learn about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Here in the mission we have been teaching this to members for about a month now. President Haws asked us to invite members to pray specifically for this help. He was in a breakfast with Elder Oaks when Elder Oaks told him the same thing. Really the Lord will guide you to the people that are prepared to receive the Gospel. They are just waiting for you to talk to them.

One of my favorite quotes from conference was said by K. Brett Nattress on Sunday afternoon ''Be patient with Brett''. Jajajaja that is something I need a lot.

In the priesthood session we had an investigator come who is struggling with the Word of Wisdom. My companion and I have been praying to know what more we could do for him and the only thing we could think of was if he were to come to the Priesthood session. He showed up, and listened to President Monson's talk. It was exactly what he needed to hear. Direct and to the point. It really touched our investigator as well. After the conference he told us that he wanted to get baptized and that he knew he could leave behind his addictions. We are very excited for him!

This week went very well. We found 14 new investigators all of which are now preparing for baptism. In Teapa one of the sisters took us to visit one of her friends who's brother is in the hospital from a motorcylce accident. We went and visited hermana Norma, and also met her family. A family of 5!!! We had a wonderful lesson with them about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. When Norma was younger, she would go to church with her Grandma (her grandma was a member) but she was never baptized. She had lots of questions and we were able to help her and her daughters to understand more about the commandments. We invited them to baptism and they all accepted. We now are working with them to have their baptismal service later this month. More baptisms in the river!!!

Our landlord's daughter is getting married in December. She doesn't go to church with her family....and we felt that we should invite her. On thursday we invited her and her future husband to come to conference...and they accepted. They came on Sunday afternoon and we have an appoinment to teach them tomorrow. They really liked the conference.

On Thursday we had a conference with President Haws. He talked to us about mission rules, and obedience. It was a great conference. We talked about three great gifts the God has given us. Free agency, the Atonement, and the Gift of the Holy Ghost. He shared with us that we have this gifts, and we need to use them to better ourselves not only as missionaries, but also as men. He also told us....''in this mission you have your agency to choose between two things. Be obedient, receive the Spirit and be happy during your mission...or go home''. ''We will not have missionaries that disobey in this mission''. It was very direct...but great. My companion and I have made goals to get better in certain things in order to be perfectly obedient. We only have three months left, and we want all the help of the Spirit that we can get. I know that obedience brings blessings from the Lord.

Today we went to Frontera to visit members and converts. Elder Gonzalez started his mission there and I was there a year ago. We got permission and got to visit today. It was great to see so many people again.

I Love being a missionary. I can't believe that I have very little time left...but it is still time to make a difference. So....I will make a difference.

I Love you all,

Elder Cavenee

Elder Cavenee

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