Thursday, December 1, 2016

Inspiration, Revelation and Miracles/Baptism of Jonathan

Hello Family,                                               Monday  Nov. 7th, 2016

First I officially have been away from home for 22 months!!!!! Time just flies by!!!! Can you believe that I am going to be home in 60 days!!!!!! But who's counting?!?!?!? :P

I'm sorry for all of the struggles that you all went through this week. Life isn't always easy...but the best part about life, is it can always get better!!!! Sorry to hear that you're sick mom. Use kills everything!

This week was another wonderful week full of inspiration, revelation and miracles!!!

First off, Monday was Halloween. How did that go for you all? My companion and I ''dressed up'' we changed our name tags!!! It was really funny when the members called us by each others names. Not everyone has learned our names yet:) On Monday night we had a really special lesson with a less active sister and her boyfriend. They have been together for about two years now, and were making plans and goals for their relationship. As they were making plans to get married, the sister mentioned that she wanted to be sealed in the temple...not just married. So....she called us up to start teaching her and her boyfriend. It was really special because investigators don't normally have the vision or goal of the Temple before we start teaching them, but when we asked Fernando what goals he had, that was the first thing he said to us. ''I want to be sealed for eternity with her. Not just marries''. It was great. We taught them an awesome lesson one....with stick figure drawings (I'll send the picture). At the end we asked him....''Fernando, do you believe that Joseph Smith was called of God and restored Christ's church?'' and he told us that yes he did. We asked him why/how....and he told us that he just felt it. It was awesome. We left him a Book of Mormon to read with his girlfriend. The only problem with them is that they work from Tuesday to Sunday in we can only see them on Mondays, and they can't come to church. We are working with the ward council to find them new jobs that give them the day off on Sunday. They are really great.

On Tuesday we traveled to Villahermosa for the mission leadership council on Wednesday. I'm not sure why, but it took a long time to get there. We showed up at the assistant's house with four other missionaries at 10:00pm. When we got there, there was a ton of other missionaries already there. It was great to see them all. Old companions, and other missionaries that I met a long time ago. It was nice to recconnect with friends. Of the four gringo Elders of my generation that are still in the mission, three of us are zone leaders!!! It was great to see Elder Thaller and Elder Jenkins again. It is amazing how much each of us have grown and what we have learned during this time...almost two years.

On Wednesday we had our mission leadership council. Best one by far that I have been to. It was my first one with President Haws...and man is that man inspired by God. First off we got to see the new church video for Christmas this year. It is called Light of the World, and it is exceptional!!! Missionaries are the only ones in the world that are able to see it right now. It will be available to the public on November 25th. It is spectacular....get ready for it. The initiative starts on December first and is themed 25ways in 25days. On there is going to be a calender from December first to December 25th with different activities everyday that are supposed to help people come closer to Christ during this Holiday season. Speaking of...because there is no Thanksgiving here in México, we are getting ready for Christmas. Already listening to Christmas music;) Never too early right?

We then talked about Christlike attributes. Specifically diligence. Diligence in not only completing what we are supposed to do...but going above and beyond the call of duty. Going the extra mile. For example, finishing the last lesson of the day at 8:45pm and instead of going home, looking to contact another person or get in one more short visit before having to be home at 9:00pm. Or finishing a baptismal service at 8:00pm and going to teach another lesson instead of going out to eat to celebrate. I love the example of Ammon

In Alma 17 and 18 is his story. We all know it pretty well, Ammon goes to work among the Lamanites, and they tie him up and take him to the King. The King asks him what he is doing in their land and he says that he just wants to live among them. The King was surprised, but offered him one of his daughters. As a great missionary, he obviously rejected but asked to be the kings servant. So the king put him to work with his sheep. We all know how the story goes of how the sheep were scattered, and he cut off the arms of the Lamanites, but there were several scriptures that touched me a little deeper. First off Alma 17:29. Ammon recognizes the way in which he can be an example to the Lamanites that he is working with. He knew that it would not be by his own power....he had to rely on the Savior in order to have that power. We learn in verses two and three that he gained that power through study, prayer, fasting, and obedience to all the the Lord commanded him. How he can show Christs power to them and through that, touch their hearts. He then saves their lives and cuts of the arms of the bad guys. His fellow servants decide to take the arms to the King and show him what Ammon had done. So....Ammon now has his chance to present himself before the King with this great act and receive his reward and the trust of the king. But where was he? When the king asked, Ammon was out feeding his horses. He was being diligent in his work. Because of his diligence, the Lord then started to soften and touch the hearts of those Lamanites. Because of his dilligence, the King told him in verse 23 I will believe what you tell me. Ammon then had the chance to teach and convert the King, his family, and all of his servants. Then because of the kings testimony, many others were converted as well. It is through the diligence that miracles come to pass. It is when we go above and beyond what we are asked is when we gain the power of our Savior Jesus Christ. The power needed to convert hundreds of people. I know this is true....especially as a missionary....but also in ordinary life. If we are diligent in living the Gospel, miracles happen in our lives.

It was a wonderful conference. I sang the closing him Redeemer of Israel.

On Friday we had our Zone class. The class went really well, and I sang Army of Helaman.
Elder Beal!

We make them run in Zone class.
On Sunday we baptized Jonathan!!!! Great story that I'll have to share next week....I'm out of time. This Saturday we have another baptism of Karime!!!

I am doing wonderful, and just enjoying the blessings of the Lord. I love this work...and I know that it is all True.

I Love you all and will talk to you all again next week!!!!

Elder Cavenee

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