Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Service/Zone Class/Temple

Hey Family,                                             December 15th, 2016

It's nice to hear what you are all up to for the holidays. Don't you just all love the Christmas season? It is absolutely amazing as a missionary. The Lord is literally putting in our path people to teach. We are praying for opportunities to serve everyday, and we are finding so many people that need help....which leads us to teaching them and helping them feel the Spirit.

This week just absolutely flew by!!!!! On Tuesday morning we helped a less-active sister cut down her tree. It took us forever, especially when we got to taking out the trunk!!! We spent about four hours on it, and weren't able to get it out. In the end we just poured gas on it, burnt, and buried it. It was a lot of fun, but later that day I had seven blisters on my hands, and the next day my whole body was sore...but it was totally worth it!!! After 3 months of not assisting the sister came to church on Sunday!!!

On Wednesday was my last Zone Class:( It went very well. We had a zone council, on how we can better our teaching, and become more efficient. We talked about several points, but my favorite that we hit was LISTENING. It is extremely important to listen while we teach our investigators. Listen to them, and to the Spirit. When we do this, the Spirit makes know to us their needs, and gives us the perfect words in order to meet that need. Elder Jeffrey R. Holland gave a talk called the Divine Companionship. In this talk he explains that every missionary companionship consists of three members...the two missionaries, and the Spirit. Our job as missionaries is to create the environment in which the Spirit can enter and take the investigators out of this world for a little while, and into the presence of our Heavenly Father. Any and all investigators that experience that, will never want it to end, and will do anything to feel that presence again. I am working on listening to the Spirit, and trusting him in every moment. Missionary work goes a lot better when you just follow what the Spirit says:)

On Saturday I spent all day in the Temple. I went with Elder Maldonado, an Elder in our Zone, and we enjoyed the Temple all day long. It was my last time going to the Temple here in Villahermosa. In the morning we were witnesses in the baptistry, and in sealings, and in the afternoon we went through a session. It was such a wonderful day!!! I can't wait to go to the Temple back at home!!!

I got back to Minatitlan at 8:00pm just in time for our baptism of Roberto!!! It went really well, and his sister showed up. She also came to church on Sunday and we put a baptismal date with her for the 23 of December and she accepted!!!

This Saturday we have a wedding and baptism of one of our investigators. Luis Balcazar is getting married at 5:30 and then baptized at 6:00!!! We also have three baptisms for Christmas weekend!!! We are going to try and put two more dates this week!!

Everything is going amazing, and we are seeing the blessings of obedience in our zone. It is such a great time, and I am loving every moment of it!!!

I Love you all and wish you the best week!!!

Elder Cavenee
Elder Maldonado had transfers! 
Chillin in a hammock

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